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Producing a video for your organisation is something we are told by all the experts that we should do. As a video production company it would be very odd if we were to disagree with that.

However what we also realise is that producing the video is the starting point. For it to be a worthwhile investment the right people need to see it.

But one of the great YouTube “secrets” Google’s YouTube promotional campaigns makes that much easier and perhaps surprisingly, cost effective. In a nutshell it brings the equivalent of TV advertising within the reach of just about everyone.

What is really incredible however is that not many organisations are using it to promote themselves and stimulate engagement with their brand. Perhaps this is because many of us see it as the place to go to watch strange people dancing or find out how to tile a bathroom.

However, that is what makes it so appealing in marketing terms. Because of the diversity of YouTube videos, viewers are made up of people of all ages and interests and Google promotions enable you to target only the ones who are likely to be interested in what you have to tell them.

With its hugely impressive and ever increasing viewing stats, it is no surprise that marketing professionals now see promotion on YouTube as an essential part of their annual budget. And, you don’t have to be a multi-national corporation; local businesses are beginning to appreciate the benefits too.

We have been using it to promote stories on Newsroom.scot our video news bulletin service and to date have attracted over 40,000 views. Each of these promoted views was for a minimum 30 seconds. That equates to around 330 hours of people watching the video bulletins and engaging with the stories on our channel. Adding further weight to the YouTube case are the costs.

Next week I’ll be publishing a post with some suggestions on how to make the most of it. But if you have any questions meantime or have used it yourself please do get in touch.

Posted by Ian Forsyth at 5:19:48 pm on February 18 2016