What We Do

On our home page we started out by telling you...

"We help our clients produce clear and engaging video and multimedia content that really gets your message across. Whether it's a simple video, a complex animation or a live webcast; or whether it's to communicate, educate or interact, our experience and creativity helps to set us apart."

There are three areas of Media Production in which we specialise:

Communicate: getting messages across to clients, potential clients, staff or any other interested parties.

Educate: still a message, but this time with the very clear objective of providing skills or knowledge to the audience.

Interact: use of live video streams to allow real time interaction with your audience. A chat show that the audience can interact with.

In every instance we look to combine whatever techniques will provide our client and their audience with a completed project that gets their message across. Using a range of filming techniques with animation and graphics as well as live streaming where it is appropriate.

You might think that this is fairly standard for any production company, but what we do differently is treat every job on its own terms. No formulaic approach or "same old same old" thinking. We enjoy what we do and we want to keep it that way. By tackling each new job with the same enthusiasm as our very first, we are able to keep our approach fresh and creative. After all, when you choose us, that's what you are paying for, not just a guy with a camera.